Cremation is chosen over traditional burial methods in one out of every four deaths occurring today, and that number is steadily rising. Reasons range from reduced cost to increased simplicity to environmental concerns or even for the flexibility cremation offers in ceremony planning and in the disposition of the remains.

At Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association of Center Moriches, your peace of mind and absolute care throughout the disposition process are of utmost concern. We understand your desire to provide respect and dignity to deceased loved ones.

As one of only a small percentage of cremation-service providers offering an onsite crematory, Mount Pleasant Cemetery offers state-of-the-art resources, certified crematory operators and a wide range of meaningful burial alternatives. We personally supervise every cremation and maintain the highest level of regard for those in our care.

Affordable Cremation Services

You may choose from the simplest type of cremation services or a traditional funeral service followed by cremation—or you may individually design a memorial service. Let us know your wishes and then we'll attend to the details because assisting family through this difficult time is just as important to us as assisting families with traditional burial services.

Special Services – Your choices include pre- or post-cremation memorial services, a commemorative service with or without the scattering of ashes, or we can simply return the cremated remains to a designated survivor. Mount Pleasant Cemetery will work with your selected plan and establishment to ensure that your wishes are honored.

Service Locations – You may choose to conduct an intimate service at our beautiful onsite chapel; or Mount Pleasant Cemetery staff members will gladly work with your offsite service location, should you choose one.

Placement of Remains – We offer a variety of niches, columbarium, mausoleum and burial spaces for cremated remains so that you may add individuality to the final resting place.

For most survivors, maintaining a place to visit the deceased loved one is very important, as it provides a fixed location for focused memorialization. This also facilitates closure and healing and provides a memorial record for future generations.

Let Us Assist You

If discussing alternative burial methods is difficult for you or your family, please feel free to contact a member of our team. We would be happy to walk you through your choices, or we will gladly refer you to one of our affiliated service providers.

Rest assured that every step along the way—from memorial services to crematory completion to final disposition of cremated remains—Mount Pleasant Cemetery staff members will carefully attend to those entrusted to us.