Family Mausoleums

Mount Pleasant Cemetery of Center Moriches provides residents across Long Island with an array of cemetery services and options. One such option is turning to family mausoleums. This can be a way for grieving families to remain bonded with their family. Please get in touch with us to discuss the pricing options available for this type of burial. It can vary depending on some different aspects, so we cannot list a set price on our website.

A mausoleum is an external free-standing building that is built as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person. A mausoleum can be considered a type of tomb. Or the tomb can be considered to be withing the mausoleum itself. A monument without the interment is called a cenotaph. 

Call For Pricing On Family Mausoleums

Mount Pleasant Cemetery of Center Moriches has been serving the Long Island community for years. Please come down to our eastern Suffolk County location to discuss family mausoleums. For more information about our various cemetery services, please contact us today. You can call 631-878-0482 to speak with a representative in our office about the details concerning our family mausoleums. We understand how difficult the passing of a loved one can be, but by planning beforehand you will not have to deal with this extra stress while grieving. With your phone call we can provide you with our pricing options.