Our Cemetery Prices

For your convenience, Mount Pleasant Cemetery has posted their prices for their affordable burial services and options for your loved one. We also offer annual care for grave sites at an affordable rate. The costs of all our services are listed below for your convenience. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. Our number is (631) 878-0482. Also, note prices are subject to change.

Type of Service Cost
Lot Purchase  
Older Section $1,700.00
Newest Section $1,700.00
Adult $1,600.00
Cremated Remains $500.00
Child & Stillborn $415.00
Saturday Charge $500.00
Re-Interment within Cemetery $3,200.00
To Another Cemetery $1,600.00
Sketch & Sandblast Fee Approval $30.00
Per Cubic Foot $25.00
Annual Care  
Plot-6 Graves $150.00
Plot-12 Graves $300.00
Entombment $500.00
Single in Cremation Garden (includes marker) $1,000.00
Double in Cremation Garden (includes marker) $2,000.00
Inscription Cremation Garden $350.00
New Niche Glass Building- Inside (Per Niche)
Upper & Lower $2,000.00
Middle $2,500.00
New Niche Glass Building- Outside (Per Niche)
Upper & Lower $1,300.00
Middle $1,500.00
Adult $450.00
Infant $100.00
Cremation Container $25.00
24 Hour Service $100.00
Return Mailing of Ashes Same-Day Service $100.00
Onsite Chapel  $100.00
Saturday Charge $500.00
Viewing 1 Hour Limit $240.00
Same Day Service $150.00
Cremation Over 350 lbs with Container $600.00
Cremation Prices Include $5.00 Vandalism Fee Cooler Charge Per Day $25.00
Family Mausoleums Call

Types of Cemetery Services

We are located in Center Moriches, a beautiful eastern Long Island location. Our grounds are beautiful and well-maintained. We offer a variety of services, which are located below:

  • Lot Purchase
  • Cremations
  • Interments
  • Disinterments
  • Monuments
  • Foundations
  • Columbarium
  • Family Mausoleums
  • Niche Glass Building (Inside or Outside)

Call For More Information

Mount Pleasant Cemetery has years of experience providing people within the Long Island community with affordable burial services. We have a state-of-the-art cremation system that will expertly and delicately handle the remains of your loved one. If you have any further questions about our various burial services, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding our pricing, please let us know. The number to call is (631) 878-0482. We will provide you with all the information necessary in order to make you the best decision possible.