Our Cemetery Services

 Respectful, affordable burial is our specialty at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Below you will find a complete listing of our expert cemetery services.

If you have further questions about how we can help you, please contact us. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about our range of cemetery services.

In addition, we suggest some other helpful Long Island cemetery services:

Please do not hesitate to call us regarding any of our services listed. We are located in beautiful Eastern Long Island in Center Moriches, in Suffolk County. Please come to view our premises. The number to call for our office is (631) 878-0482.

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- Albert Schweitzer


  • Cemetery Lot Purchase
  • Affordable Burials
    • Adult Interments
    • Cremated Remains Interment
    • Child & Stillborn Interment
  • Disinterments
    • Re-interment within the cemetery
    • To another cemetery
  •  Monuments
  • Sketch and Sandblast Fee Approval
  • Foundations
    • Plot-6 Graves
    • Plot-12 Graves
  • Columbarium
    • Entombment
    • Purchase 1 Niche Building
    • Purchase 2 Niche Building
    • Inscription