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Cremation is the process of reducing a deceased human body to fragments of bone and ash using extreme heat and flame. This takes place in a cremation furnace capable of reaching temperatures from 1850 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
The method of disposition of a loved one is very personal, and no “right” or “wrong” choice exists. Most important is your confidence and peace of mind in your decision. Those who have chosen the crematory option cite three main reasons, from a list of many: Cost - The cost of cremation is about 20 percent that of body burial. Environment – Cremation saves land for those still living and offers the deceased an immediate return to nature. Some believe that body burial inefficiently uses natural resources to preserve the remains in the ground. Flexibility – Cremation plans may first involve a funeral service with the body present or a memorial service with or without the cremated remains. A post-cremation commemorative service can be delayed as long as necessary after the death to allow family and friends time to gather. A graveside service at the cemetery or columbarium is another option, or a scattering ceremony may be chosen for a personal touch that only cremation can provide. Cremated remains may also be returned to a family member for intimate memorialization.
Family or funeral homes can choose to pick up the cremated remains at the crematory or some other designated place.
Donated organs are removed according to the guidelines established by the medical profession. Following their removal, the body is prepared for cremation.
Most religions permit you to choose your final disposition. Some even advocate cremation. However, others do not recommend the practice. To gain confidence in your decision, you should direct your concerns to a member of your clergy, or contact your local cremation provider.
Advance decision-making is the best way to assure your wishes will be honored and to save your survivors the emotional distress of making your arrangements at the time of your death. You may pre-arrange your cremation with a cremation provider, such as Mount Pleasant Cemetery, or through your local funeral home. We will keep all personal information and authorization required for the death certificate. If you choose to prepay cremation costs, you may choose to do so through a funeral home. This also offers you the independence of taking care of your own needs, an important factor for many.
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Mount Pleasant Cemetery has years of experience serving the people of Long Island with their outstanding cemetery and cremation services. If you are interested in having your loved one cremated, please reach out to us today. You can call (631) 878-0482 to speak to a representative in our office and learn all you need to know about this service. We can answer any questions you may have regarding our cremation services.

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