When it comes to a burial, it is very final. And oftentimes what happens depends on the wishes of the deceased. If cremation is the plan, then there is the matter on what to do with the ashes. Perhaps the deceased wished to be scattered in a meaningful area. Or some mourners want to hold onto the ashes for comfort and to keep them in the home for remembrance. But some may opt for another options: the interment of ashes. This allows for a permanent location to visit the remains outside of the home where anyone can come to pay their respects.

In most instances, the interment of ashes places them in a columbarium or burial plot. This is comforting, because those who have a family burial location means everyone can be placed together. It is also a nice option for those who want to have a place to visit and remember their loved one. Having it at home and close by is nice, but it is not for everyone. At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we offer affordable locations for the interment of ashes. Learn more about a columbarium and if it is right for you.

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What Happens at the Interment of Ashes?

Once the cremation takes place, there is a collection of the ashes. Which we then give to the family. A separate interment of ashes service is possible. During this service, friends and family can come and gather at the burial plot or columbarium. There service can be however you like and can include readings, poems, and prayers.

Once the service is complete, the ashes get lowered into the ground. This is done one of two ways. It is either placed in the ground inside an urn. Or it is poured into the plot through a funnel. Learn more about the affordable burial services available at Mount Pleasant. We want you to feel comfortable with the decision you make and give your loved one a beautiful service and final resting place.

Procedures of Burying Ashes

The procedure for the interment of the ashes simply begins by finding a permanent location, such as the spots available at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. If you do not have a plot, simply contact us to learn more about getting one. Purchase a beautiful burial plot at the east end of Long Island. Come down and visit our grounds when you have a chance!

Of course, our cemetery is not the only option available to you. You can have your loved one cremated at our crematory, but opt to store the ashes elsewhere. Many people love placing the ashes in a public area that the deceased cared about. One common example is planting a tree in their name. For this, you need to contact the town or grounds to ask for permission. You can also bury the ashes in your own garden. But be sure to check the guidelines for this, because there are regulations in place of where you can bury cremated remains.

Churches are another location to bury the urn. Since churchyards are a consecrated ground, you cannot disturb any of the other ashes. Churches have their own set of rules and regulations that you must follow. So keep that in mind.

Interment of Ashes Ceremony

In most cases, the interment of ashes ceremony happens after the ceremony for the cremation. A typical ceremony breaks down as such:

  • Mourners arrive and gather at cemetery or other given location.
  • A celebrant will introduce the ceremony. The celebrant can be someone close to the deceased or a religious or humanist leader, such as a priest or minister.
  • Whoever would like to speak and give a eulogy can come up and talk about their relationship with the departed.
  • Then the ashes get placed into an urn or funnel and put into the ground. As this happens, the celebrant can say a few more words.
  • Once the placement of the ashes in the urn is complete, then the celebrant can say some final words.

Of course, this is simply a general breakdown of how this sort of ceremony goes. You can choose to celebrate the life of the deceased however you want. Check out some helpful tips on how to plan a funeral. Our staff has years of experience helping people with thoughtful and caring cemetery services.