There is a difference between an interment and a funeral. When it comes down to it, the interment is the actual burial and the ceremonial act of placing the deceased in the grave. Whereas a funeral is the service that is linked to the ceremony, burial, cremation, etc. At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we offer affordable and dignified interments for people across Long Island, New York. Get a respectful interment for your loved one. We understand losing a loved one is difficult, but our interments and funerals aim to make this process go as smoothly as possible.

Our Cemetery Services

Learn more about all of the cemetery services we offer for people on Long Island. For more information about any of our cemetery services, please reach out to us today. The number for our office is (631) 878-0482. When you call, we can go over all the details regarding our cemetery services and interments. Many from across Long Island turn to Mt Pleasant Cemetery for its beautiful grounds. It is a wonderful final resting place for your loved one.

How Interments on Long Island Operate

As mentioned, an interment is essentially a burial. The interment is the ceremonial act of placing the deceased family member or loved one into the ground for a final burial place. Oftentimes an interment has objects placed into the ground, too. Of course, the act of burial has been around nearly as long as human history. And it offers many insights into human culture. It is a way to honor the dead and show respect for the life they lived. But it was also a way to avoid the smell of dead bodies and keep young children from seeing death. And of course, in many cultures it intertwines with the afterlife.

However you feel about it, interments are a common way on Long Island to honor and respect your loved one. At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we offer affordable cemetery lot purchases for you to find the perfect final resting place for your friend or family.

Techniques of Burial

When it comes to the techniques of burial, some may people may want highly ritualized burials and may opt to include natural burials. These are sometimes referred to as “black burials.” Other techniques include embalming or mummification and the use of dead objects. These object include shrouds, caskets, grave liners, and burial vaults. All of which can prolong the body’s decay. And in many instances, at least on Long Island, the corpse is dressed in formal or ceremonial garb before the interment. Another signifier of respect for the deceased.

Interments vs Funerals

So as you know by now, there is a difference between a funeral and an interment. However, many who need one often need the other. Mount Pleasant Cemetery offers respectful and dignified interment and funeral services. Give your loved one a proper send off and beautiful final resting place by choosing us. We will work with you and your desires in order to give you exactly what you want. We understand that there are many considerations in play when it comes to choosing an interment and funeral on Long Island, which is why we are proud to offer affordable cemetery services.

Reasons for a Funeral

A funeral is the service that gets linked to the burial or cremation. These traditions differ from culture to culture. However, when you choose Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we will work with you to ensure your traditions and practices are adequately met. Some popular secular funeral motives include mourning the deceased, providing comfort and compassion to the bereaved, and simply celebrating their extraordinary lives. There are also many religious aspects to work into funerals, if you so fit.

In general, a funeral usually involves a rite. During this rite, the deceased’s body is renounced. How this is exactly handled depends more on the culture, so we will be sure to fully understand what you want from the funeral service. When the deceased’s body is not present, this is typically not called a funeral, but rather a memorial service or a life celebration. The body is usually present during a funeral.

Alternatives to Interments & Funerals

There are some alternatives to burial that you may be interested in knowing about, such as cremation, seaside burials, vows, and other more abstract options such as cryopreservation. It is important to take the time to make the best decision for you and your friends and family.