When you turn to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, you have the option of choosing a family mausoleum for the remains of your loved one. You have likely heard of a mausoleum and perhaps you think it is something quite large, but a family mausoleum isn’t as big as some others you may find. Yes, mausoleums can be built to hold a number of people. However, our family mausoleum is on a much smaller scale.

Family Mausoleums

Please reach out to us today to learn more about our family mausoleums. We offer affordable pricing options for our family mausoleums. To learn more, please call 631-878-0482. When you call, we can further discuss the pricing details. Our cemetery is located on the east end of Long Island and many in Suffolk County turn to Mount Pleasant to help with the loss of their loved one.

Family Mausoleum Pros

A mausoleum is simply the name of a building that holds the remains of one or more deceased people in an above ground area. It can be built for any number of people and at Mount Pleasant Cemetery we take the initiative and offer private family mausoleums. After the funeral takes place, our staff moves the casket or urn into the mausoleum, which is where it stays with the rest of the family members inside for viewing. Learn more about the pros of having a family mausoleum.


First and foremost, you get the privacy of visiting your loved ones. So you can console others around you and feel comfortable in your own space. We understand losing a loved one is difficult and having a family mausoleum means you get a private, indoor space to view the remains of your loved one.

Weather Protection

Since a mausoleum offers indoor viewing, you get protection from the elements when inside. So you can spend time with a loved one and not have to worry about the weather. Which means you can visit comfortably in the cold, winter months or not worry about getting wet standing in the rain. This also means you have access to viewing the remains all year long.

Not Available at All Cemeteries

So why is this under the pro category? Well, not all cemeteries offer a family mausoleum, but we do! When you turn to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, you have the option to explore a family mausoleum to store the remains of your loved ones.

Cons of a Mausoleum

There are some cons of a family mausoleum, too. So be sure to weigh all available options when making a decision. If you need any help in this regard, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff. We understand how big of a decision this is and we will help you with every step of the process.

A Generally More Expensive Option

It is often a pretty expensive undertaking to bury or cremate a loved one and we understand that, which is why we aim to make all of our options as affordable as possible. But in general, opting for a mausoleum as opposed to a ground burial is the most expensive option to choose. Yes, you get the great aforementioned benefits, but it is also not something everyone can afford. So please, consider this option when moving forward.

Over Time It Deteriorates

Mausoleums do run the risk of deteriorating over time. It can damage during a storm, succumb to weathering, or simply deteriorate due to time. Of course, a headstone in a graveyard can suffer the same part and fall apart over time. However with the family mausoleum, you can keep the inside preserved.

Smelly Odors Possible

The decomposition of a body is a smelly ordeal. But when you bury it, the decomposition happens under ground. So you are none the wiser. However, in a family mausoleum, this process happens above ground. We do everything in our power to keep the hygiene up to standards with professional-grade filtration systems, but sometimes it is an unavoidable problem. Which means the smell is always at a minimum.