Affordable Niches at Our Long Island Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery offers affordable cemetery options for people across Long Island, which includes the availability of both interior glass front niches and exterior niches. A cremation niche is similar to a mausoleum, as it is a final resting place for your loved ones. Its main purpose is to act as a visiting place for friends and families. With these niches, there are recessed compartments for you to place the urn in a permanent and safe location.

When you turn to Mount Pleasant Cemetery, you have the option of choosing a glass-front niche or an exterior niche. Both are wonderful final resting places for your loved ones. Selecting a niche as a final resting place for a loved one has become a popular option on Long Island. And we are happy to accommodate and help you through this difficult time.

For more information about our interior and exterior niches, please give us a call. The number for our office is (631) 878-0482. When you call, we can provide you with a consultation and go over all of our cremation services. For these niches, please consider the size of the urn. As various spots house different size urns, so this ultimately may play a factor in the final location.

Glass Front Niches

With our glass front niches, you get a dry, climate-controlled atmosphere. Many families who opt for this service like it because they can include small mementos inside the display. So when others come to visit this final resting place, all can see a part of why they loved this person. Our glass front niches are always well-lit and beautifully display the urns. It is the perfect way to display a loved ones’ urn and a proper way to pay your respects. And by being inside, visiting is easy and you do not need to worry about the weather.

Exterior Niches

Our exterior niches are made from beautiful slabs of granite. When you opt for an exterior niche, you have the option to select from a few different styles of nameplates. These exterior niches offer a wonderful view of the cemetery as a whole, since they are within the nature of the surroundings. However, since they are outside, weather is a factor. So those who visit must plan accordingly.

Why Choose A Cremation Niche?

When people are looking for a final resting place for their loved one, they want it to be perfect. And recently niches are becoming more and more popular. Here are some reasons some people now opt for a glass-front or exterior niche as a final resting place for their loved one.

  • Cemetery space is often expensive due to limitations in space, which leaves a niche as a more affordable option when it comes to a final resting place.
  • When it comes to visiting the final resting place of a loved one, a niche makes more sense. Especially a glass-front interior niche, since you do not need to worry about the elements when visiting. It becomes an all-around more comfortable experience.
  • Both interior and exterior niches are not subject to the same extreme weather conditions that a cemetery plot oftentimes is, so there is less fear of damage of any kind.

Varying Costs for a Cremation Niche

The prices for a cremation niche varies depending on a few factors, such as the size of the niche and the urn inside it. However, the most notable factor when determining the price of a niche is whether you opt for the indoor glass-front niche or the exterior niche that is outside. As you would expect, an indoor niche is more expensive. You pay for the comfort of being inside, away from the elements. Indoor niches make for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Our Niche Prices

On top of that, the cost of a cremation niche includes the property that holds the urn, the endowment care, one inurment, the recording of the process, and the name and date that will be engraved onto the urn. At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we want to make this as affordable as possible. We understand the stress and grief of the situation, so we do all we can to make this process go as smooth as possible. Check out our complete price list for exact prices for our available niches and learn more about our affordable cremations. And come check out our beautiful cemetery grounds located in Center Moriches, New York!