Entombment is one of the cemetery services we provide those on Long Island, New York. The price for entombment is $650.00. If you are interested in learning more about entombment, please contact us today.

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Mount Pleasant Cemetery grounds is located in Center Moriches, New York.

What is Entombment?

Entombments are above-ground burials. It is when the body or cremated remains are put inside of a crypt and then sealed. A crypt is made of marble or granite and can house the remains of one or more people. The remains are the sealed inside of a mausoleum or sarcophagus. This is not a common burial choice due to the price since it is more expensive than a cremation. But our cemetery grounds has the capability to offer entombment for the price of $650.

Entombment vs Burial

When it comes to burying your loved one, this happens either in the ground or above ground. Let’s take a look at the different between entombment and burials.


A traditional burial is known as an internment. A burial puts your loved one into a memorial space in the ground. When you opt for an in-ground burial, you will need to budget for a casket and a memorial marker or headstone. An in-ground burial is the most traditional way to bury a loved one and something we offer at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


If you want something else other than an in-ground burial, we come to entombment. An above-ground burial offers cleanliness, convenience and space that a traditional burial simply does not. Visiting is also so much easier and nicer when you opt for an entombment, since mausoleums offer a year-round convenience. They are warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. In fact, if your loved one died in the colder months, they will not be able to be put in-ground until spring when the ground thaws. So you will need to store the remains until then, which increases the cost of an already expensive burial option.

What Is The Entombment Process Like?

The entombment process can be simple or it can be complex. It honestly depends on the person and their desires. Some families will choose an indoor building, while others prefer an outdoor crypt. During entombment, no organs are removed in the process. However, many funeral homes require embalming. We will take care of documentation and interment rights for you to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We know losing a loved one is very difficult and these decisions are tough. To make it easier, think about pre-planning funeral arrangements. This way you are not going through grief while making these decisions.

Types of Entombment

When the deceased is entombed, their remains are placed into a special container. This container goes into a mausoleum. When you choose entombment, we will help you with the final resting place. Before choosing the final home for your loved one, you will decide what type of unit their remains will be enclosed in. Many opt for a crypt. A crypt is a compartment that will hold the casket of your loved one. Single crypts and double crypts are available. A double crypt houses two caskets side by side and are a nice option for spouses or close family members.

At Mount Pleasant Cemetery, we offer the option to purchase a mausoleum to house the crypt. A mausoleum is $104 per square foot should you decide to go that route. Entombment is also possible for those who opt for cremation over a casket burial. With cremations, the remains head to a columbarium instead of a mausoleum. You can place the urn of your loved one in this building. We make choosing an entombment with a mausoleum as affordable as possible.